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The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

~Vince Lombardi




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Help Us Help the Community…Appeal Letter

Today, we are asking you to help make a very positive change in your hometown. Working together, we can build on what is best about Moberly to make it even better.

This fall, members of the NOMO Community Foundation have become aware of 10 to 12 immediate needs of the nonprofits in Randolph and Monroe counties.  These needs include services for children, outreach to our elderly, honoring our veterans, scholarships for students, assistance for those suffering physically and many more.  The Foundation would like to help with these needs through funds given by this special donation appeal. Then, as more funds begin to be invested through NOMO as a result of this campaign, we’ll build a source of funds for future community projects.

Bring hope. Be remembered. Make a difference in your community.

Community Foundation is a service tailored for you. Our job is to connect you with the charities and nonprofits that are catering to the needs in your community that are of interest to you.

Quality is paramount to us. We have carried out detailed censorship and research to find the charities and nonprofits that are making the largest, quality impact in the community, so you can rest assured that your money will always be watering rich ground, and not slipping through the cracks.

Partnering with us will allow you to work alongside experienced advisers that will find the most efficient giving venue for your finance portfolio, and the greatest tax breaks for your benefit. The flexible nature of many of our funds give you the say that you deserve in how your donations are handled.

Become a cornerstone of your community’s foundation.


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